Exams are ineffective way of assessing students...

Exams are ineffective way of assessing students' progress and should be abandoned. (for and against essay)

The majority of the people during their life have an experience of taking exams. Many of us believe it is a way which can test students’ knowledge. However, nowadays, more and more people come to the conclusion that exams are not the only means of study assessment. Is it possible that education without exams would be better for students ?

Fervent supporters of this idea claim that exams put so much pressure on students that they just concentrate on passing the exam rather than understanding the subject. After exam they still do not understand the subject so it defeates the object, in a way. Besides, not everyone is good at exams. Being under a lot of both time pressure and stress, they do not have enough opportunities to show their knowledge. What is more, some knowledge is difficult to test, because some subjects are very specific and only the students’ future job can shows their ability to do it.

On the other hand, exams are not only the way which can help students to improve their skills but also a mechanism that enables students progress for their future successful life. What is more, small exams could also be used as a way of assessing knowledge of the text before a final exam and to accustom students to stress, too. Nowadays, everybody knows that the better you are at the exams the bigger chance you have to get better job in the future, so exams are necessary for selection. Furthermore, exams give also opportunity to teachers to evaluate students’ knowledge and improve their own methods of teaching.

Taking everything into consideration, it seems that exams dominated the lives of both teachers and students, so if we could get assessment right we have a great chance of enhancing student learning and making it less stressful for them. After all, their studies are the best time in their entire life.

Monika M.

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